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Curly Hair Salon Services

In the US, only 4 out of 10 women with curly hair think their hair is beautiful.


Love Your Curls is a rallying cry that moved women across America to celebrate their curls. Now, we want future generations to do the same.

We hope that you’ll share the love with all of the women and girls with curls in your life. 

Thank you for being a part of the Love Your Curls movement.

For all of the curly girls and the beautiful women, they will grow up to be. May you always embrace the unique hair that makes you who you are.

Curly hair is dependent upon climate. The humidity, or lack of humidity, can greatly affect the condition of the curls. Finding the right type of product is crucial as is finding the right amount of product to use. Too much can weigh the hair down, leaving the curls greasy and heavy. Too little product and the curls can puff right up, a dry frizzy nest on top of your head! Let our professional team pick the right regime for your curly needs.

Try one lazy day and let your curls do their thing, and—wait for it—you’ll get more compliments than you could count. Fall in love with your curls—especially during the summer months—it will simplify your routine and boost your confidence.

Embracing your curly hair will save you time.

Whether you blow-dry and/or flatiron your hair, taking it from curly to straight is a time-waster. Spending less time tugging at your hair in front of the mirror frees up precious time in your schedule.

Heres a simple regime:  Start in the shower. Use a non-sulfite hydrating shampoo and conditioner or a conditioning cleansing cream, plus a mask once a week to keep fussy curls happy, only comb hair when it’s wet with a large-tooth comb or best finger comb it to get the tangles out. While in the shower apply Be my curl Primer and top it off with Be my curl gel into sopping wet strands squeeze the excess out with your hands. Don’t touch your hair after the shower, except with a microfiber towel or a cotton teeshirt to blot excess water. The soft texture of the microfiber towel or a cotton teeshirt will eliminate the cause of frizz, bolt don’t rub. You can air-dry or use a defuser to softly dry and enhance your curls, then go on your way. A solid 30-35 minutes will be shaved off of your once 45-minute plus hair blowout.

Curls is a healthier approach for your hair.

Your flat iron might work wonders on your hair, but not without paying a price. Heating it consistently fries it and over time, results in dryness and split ends (yes, that’s why your hair hasn’t been growing). Letting go of the blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron will give your hair a much-needed rest. Before making the switch to team curls, trim your split ends, so your curls have bounce and shape, but still enough length. If your curls are tight, grow them out with long layers so they’re a bit more relaxed.

Stand out with your curly hair.

In a crowd of straight hair, curls are different, special, and exotic. Appreciate that your hair isn’t cookie cutter and that you have the ability to wear two hairstyles instead of being locked to just one. Curls represent personality, youth, and self-confidence (think Vanessa Hudgens, Zendaya, and Rita Ora). Try it, see what happens.

Use your curls as a free accessory.

Curly hair is the finishing touch to any outfit. Pair them with a maxi and you’re a bohemian goddess. Wear them with jeans and a white teeshirt and you look effortlessly sexy. The low-maintenance, I almost woke up like this style is defiantly in and you can take advantage of it. Another benefit to wearing curls is that you can skip a few washes, curly hair looks better on day 2, 3 and even 4 in some cases. The myth of washing your hair every day in order for curls to look good is nothing but a myth. Try experimenting by skipping a few shampoos, you’ll learn that your curls get better as they get a little dirty (don’t be afraid of separating them and tousling them up a bit). You can use dry shampoo and dry conditioner to keep the roots fresh and the ends moisturized to re-boost the curls on days two and three.

Embrace any weather and the fun.

If you get caught in the rain or splashed at a pool party and your curls get wet, it’s no big deal. First, washing and styling isn’t a tedious process anymore, second, damp curls can easily be revived with a little hand scrunch and third, whipping them up into a textured top knot is a quick fun fix.

*Women’s haircut includes a wash and a blowout.
*Cutting extensions/wigs includes a wash and a blowout.
*Blowout services includes a wash.
*An additional charge would be added due to the length and volume of the client’s hair. This will always be discussed upon consultation prior to the service.
*Hotel/Home Service has a 30% increase on all priced services.
*Traveling fees are charged outside a 2-mile radius.