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For new clients, we require a consultation before your color appointment. 

Most of our hair color services are provided à la carte.

Hair Color

We believe hair coloring is a highly trained skill both artistic and scientific, it is a very personal service. Together with our educated team, you can discover your perfect color, techniques, and options that will work in harmony with your skin tone.

Hair coloring is desired in all ages, from sun-kissed hair to dynamic shades to fun unicorn colors or simply easing a few years by covering some unwanted grey hairs. Health-conscious individuals can opt for our Holistic, Vegan and Organic color.

Hey gentlemen how about camouflaging away that grey?

• Single Process
• Double Process

• Organic Color
• Global Gloss
• Face-Framing Hi-lights/ Balayage
• Partial Hi-lights/ Balayage
• Half of Head hi-lights/ Balayage
• Full Head Hi-lights/ Balayage
• Air Touch
• Half of Head Air Touch
• Gloss Add On
• Gloss Add On W/Organic

• Bond Multiplayer Hair Enhancer
• Color Correction
• Men’s Camouflage
• Men’s Camouflage Partial

• Eye Brow Tinting

Coloring Your Hair

Coloring your hair: is an exciting experience which can also be mixed with a bit of nervousness. You don’t have to worry you can trust the professionals at Salon Nirvana 954. 

With so many possibilities and color choices, we know that you have a lot of questions and would like to first discuss a few important things with us. Is it time to start covering gray? Is my natural color too dark for my skin? Too light? Do I want to go extreme and completely change my look? Or do I simply want to explore options on how to improve the shine, texture, and health of my hair?

Coloring your hair is a great form of expression, it’s a great way to boost your self-confidence. And it’s normal to have some doubts as long as they don’t stop you from experimenting in the fun of your beauty therapy!

Coloring Gray Hair

Gray hair may look sophisticated age-wise, but not everyone likes to look older. Covering it up is one quick way to turn back the clock and look younger. But what causes gray hair? As you age, your natural production of pigment slows down and your natural color loses its color strength. This doesn’t happen to every hair at the same time, so the contrast between the hair with no color and the hair that still has some color causes it to look gray. So how gray your hair actually looks is determined by the percentage of strands with no color vs. the strands that still have color.

Start with a Consultation 

Once you’ve decided to color your hair for the first time you should most definitely see a professional in our salon. Not only will you be guaranteed a professional color and finish, but you’ll also avoid any first-time mistakes, such as ending up with the wrong shade or uneven coverage. Our stylist will be able to lead you to the color that suits you and your skin tone. So no need to worry, the Salon Nirvana 954 team will meet all your needs! You’re in the hands of professional Colorists.

Prolong the Life of Your Color

To prolong the life of your color, we recommend the use of the proper shampoos and conditioners prescribed by our specialists. For the best visual results, having your hair styled after color is recommended. When scheduling your appointment for hair color, please schedule an additional blow dry for a complete finished look.

*Women’s haircut includes a wash and a blowout.
*Cutting extensions/wigs includes a wash and a blowout.
*Blowout services includes a wash.
*An additional charge would be added due to the length and volume of the client’s hair. This will always be discussed upon consultation prior to the service.
*Hotel/Home Service has a 30% increase on all priced services.
*Traveling fees are charged outside a 2-mile radius.