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Why Did We Choose NATULIQUE Over Other Organic Lines?

Clients come to Salon Nirvana 954 and expect to look and feel their best. The only way you can be assured of the look and style you want is to use the best professional products that are guaranteed to perform. We stand behind our products and guarantee their performance and authenticity.

We chose NATULIQUE over any other organic line because of their vision and family values towards our health and our planet. Organic is not what they do, its who they are. All their products are created with zero toxins or dangerous ingredients. Without a doubt, NATULIQUE‘s products are formulated to be the safest available in the professional beauty industry today. Sooner than later, sustainability will play a major role in all our lives. They define sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

NATULIQUE is a family that is deeply rooted in their professional culture and values. The founder was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 28 and through her own investigation discovered that our constant exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation is connected to our risk of cancer. Breast cancer education, chemical reduction in our everyday lives and early detection is lifesaving. Being involved in breast cancer prevention, as a partner to The National Breast Cancer Foundation, is thus a cause that is very close to the company’s hearts.NATULIQUE has started their own foundation to create cancer awareness within the Salon industry. Working with one of the strictest cosmetic safety regulations in the world, they have even higher demands for protecting the consumer.

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Why Did NATULIQUE Choose The Salon Industry?

They believed in the skills and education of professional hairstylists. Hairdressers are certified professionals that act as health advisers for their clients. We are in a unique position to spot complications and treat the hair, scalp, and skin with the right ingredients. NATULIQUE‘s passion is to work closely with us, the professionals, who believe in the combination of art and sustainability.

NATULIQUE Professional Hair Colors are 98,02% derived from natural sources and made with certified organic ingredients. It is 100% Ammonia-Free, 100% Lauryl Sulfate Free, 100% Parabens Free. This color is strictly designed with the focus on natural ingredients that provide a more gentle hair color and conditioning agents with a unique and exclusive formula of pure natural sunflower seed extract, jojoba oil, and apricot seed oil. Finally a color with less chemicals, better functionality and maximum gentleness!

As an addition to the color, they developed an AMMONIA-FREE WHITENER for the ability to get highlights and lighten the hair for a more fashionable look.

NATULIQUE Permanent Whitener is a 100% Ammonia Free powdered hair lightener that can be customized according to the hairs needs and goals. It is composed of certified organic ingredients that nourish the hair and prevents damage during the lightening process with added nutrients. It is 100% PPD FREE, 100% AMMONIA FREE, 100% RESORCINOL FREE and 100% PARABENS FREE. Specially developed to protect the hair and skin, without compromising on perfect results, this product is developed according to the highest industry and FDA standards.

Organic Holistic All About Veganism

All About Veganism: Why Do We Stand Behind The Vegan Society?

Veganism is a continuously rising lifestyle being brought to cultures all around the world. Every year more people commit to the philosophy and the principles that come with the veganism.

“Are your salon products tested on animals?” or “Do you use vegan-friendly styling products?” – today we are increasingly faced with similar questions by our customers. We love to see the awareness about the animal-cruelty of the beauty industry rise and we deeply respect the vegan way-of-living for its mindfulness towards our animal friends. Another reason we chose to work with NATULIQUE is that they never used animal testing for its products and they wanted to be more than just “cruelty-free”. They take a stand for animal welfare and support the vegan clients. In 2017, they teamed up with The Vegan Society to certify  NATULIQUE products officially as “vegan”. 

Organic Holistic Who is Vegan Society

Who Is The Vegan Society?

Being the creator of the word “vegan” itself, the UK-based non-profit-organization promotes veganism since 1944. They are a dedicated team that fights to reduce animal suffering every day – an issue that belongs to the core principles at NATULIQUE. Next to campaigns and information, the certification of products with the vegan trademark is a fundamental part of their work. By providing orientation and credibility the trademark makes “life as a vegan” a lot easier.

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What Does The Vegan Trademark Certification Stand For?

Before a product is approved to carry The Vegan Society’s sunflower-logo, it has to meet strict criteria. The most fundamental are: “The manufacture and/or development of the product, and where applicable its ingredients, must not involve or have involved, the use of any animal product, by-product or derivative or testing of any sort of animals”. The registration of each product is renewed annually, to ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date.