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Most of our hair extension services are provided à la carte.

Hair Extensions

• Sew ins
• Removal Tape-ins and wefts
• Tape-ins removal and Installation
• Keratin Bonding Removal
• Keratin Bonding installation
• Keratin re-bonding

100% Slavic Human Virgin Hair…..100% Beautiful!
Experience it, fall in love.

Do you ever dream of longer fuller hair? Adding extensions is a great option!

At Salon Nirvana 954, with advanced hair extension technology, our highly trained stylists can transform your hair from any length to longer, and from fine to thicker hair, using only the best quality virgin Russian/Slavic hair extensions. They can be added to a full head, or only in desired areas, depending on your wants and needs.

Why do we only use Russian/Slavic hair extensions? Simply because they are creme de la creme of the hair extension world, and we offer nothing, but the best to our guests.

Russian/Slavic hair is the finest available in today’s market. Many factors, such as genetics, climate and diet, makes Russian hair beautifully soft and silky, yet the hair is strong and can be reused for up to 12 months, when caring properly and using the right hair care products.

Slavic hair is offered in a variety of colors, however due to its natural lighter tones, hair is colored using very gentle processing methods, leaving the condition and integrity of the hair intact.

Because it does not require heavy processing, Slavic hair stays soft and easy to manage for a lot longer than any other types of hair. It is also far less of a hassle if you are not someone who wants to put a lot of effort into your hair every single day.

Take your hair game to the next level. 

We create natural-looking extensions that are super high quality and custom-made to fit each clients’ needs.

Slavic hair extensions come in Wefts, Tape-Ins & Fusion Keratin Bond, over 90 different customizable color blends and multi textures.

Looking for the best hair extensions in Fort Lauderdale?  Salon Nirvana 954 has the best quality and most beautiful hair extensions on the market today.  

Why choose Salon Nirvana 954 for your hair extensions?


From the second you enter our salon to the second you leave and thereafter, we want every interaction you have with us and with your hair to be a happy one. First you come in for a complimentary consultation where we discuss your wants and hair needs then chose the perfect system that will work best for your hair. We will chose the color, the length, the texture and the thickness (in grams) of the hair needed.  We have hair extensions in stock and if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll place a custom order.

Our promise is to always have the highest quality hair extensions because every head we style is a head we take pride in, there for we are always on the look out for the best companies that provide the top quality products.  We want you to look and feel great and to earn your continued business through quality and results. 

Different types of systems that we provide:

The initial consultation with our highly trained stylist will determine what type of hair extensions would be the best fit: long or short term, as well as the level of maintenance that you desire.

clip in extensions

Temporary hair extensions include clip-in pieces, pony tales or bangs. These are pieces of hair that are removable and are great to enhance your look for a special occasion. They are easily clipped in, styled in minutes and easily removed, as desired.   Can be reused time and time again.

tape ins

Tape-in extensions include tape-in pieces that last 6-8 weeks. They are almost completely undetectable, whether the hair is worn up or down, and are excellent for those who are seeking to gain extra volume and length. Maintenance: In salon. Extensions are removed with adhesive solution, get a fresh strip of tape and then re-taped back on the head. Note: Hair can be re-taped 3-4 times.

fushion extentions

Fusion extensions is when individual small hair bundles are attached strand by strand using cold or hot keratin bonding, this process lasts 6-8 weeks and are hardly detectable in the hair. 

Excellent for those who are seeking to gain extra volume, length and color. Maintenance: In salon. Extensions are removed with special pliers that crack the keratin bonding and the hair strand slides out then they are freshly get re-bonded back to the hair. 

Note: Hair can be reused for 6 months.


Beaded Sew-ins is an exclusive hair extension  method where rows are created using silicone beads and then wefts are sewn into the the beaded hair strand. Most recommenced as a cleaner healthier approach to adding volume and length to the hair with no adhesive or heat. Maintenance: In Salon. Extensions are removed by opening the beads and sliding the weft out, the same process of the installation is as the first time. Note: Hair can be reused for one year.

Style – fashionable, trendy and volume the perfect solution. The hairstyle is everything… it is the look. 

Color – open your mind. Color effects, highlights, two tone, etc… A wide range of color combinations that you can only imagine can be created with hair extensions customizable to you.

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At Salon Nirvana 954, we give you all the current styles & techniques, in a healthier and toxin-free way.  We use organic hair products so you can worry less about damaging your hair and focus more on how great it looks instead!  Learn more about why we use the products we use here.  

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*Women’s haircut includes a wash and a blowout.
*Cutting extensions/wigs includes a wash and a blowout.
*Blowout services includes a wash.
*An additional charge would be added due to the length and volume of the client’s hair. This will always be discussed upon consultation prior to the service.
*Hotel/Home Service has a 30% increase on all priced services.
*Traveling fees are charged outside a 2-mile radius.