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2019 Bridal Hair Trends To Look Forward To

The chances are that you have been dreaming about your wedding day in Fort Lauderdale for your entire life. Now that it is just around the corner, you must take care of every detail. If you want to look your best, bridal hair is a segment that you do not want to miss. Trendy hairstyles offered by Salon Nirvana 954 are only a portion of our services, but they can provide the confidence boost and add that extra touch to your appearance you were looking for all this time! Take a look at the latest hair trends for brides and then search for “best hair salons near me” to turn them into reality.

Braids for Everyone

The great thing about braids is that they can suit every face shape out there. You can make your braid look bohemian, but you can also go for a romantic and elegant haircut. The choice depends on your wedding theme, the dress you will be wearing, and your preference. The important thing is that whatever you choose – braids will secure that you are trendy.

Bridal Hair Flowers

This option may be perfect for a summer wedding, but there is no reason not to wear them throughout the entire year. Professional hairdressers will know to help you pick the right options – head online and look for “best hair salons near me” to find one in your area. We suggest considering an up-do haircut with a floral crown on top to make you a true queen on your special day.

Keep Things Simple

If you are not someone who dedicates a lot of time to her appearance, the solution is to keep things simple. There is no reason why you can’t wear straight hair if you feel comfortable that way. In that case, you may want to consider using some shine spray to make your hair smell great. And yes, you can even choose a textured and voluminous ponytail – that is still an extremely popular option. Combine it with glossy lips, and you are good to go!

Wedding Pins and Tiaras

We already discussed floral crowns, but why not take it one step further and get a wedding tiara? It is a great way to have that fairytale look you always wanted. For example, you can go with an up-do or bun and put the tiara on top to add that touch of classiness. Alternatively, you can go with beautifully arranged pins in your hair. The options are endless – take a look at the results of the “best hair salons near me” and consult with a professional to make the right choice.

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Whether you are getting married in Fort Lauderdale or a place nearby, Salon Nirvana 954 can help you have the bridal hair from your dreams on your special day. All you need to do is to visit our website and drop us an e-mail or give us a call to schedule an appointment. We offer special wedding day packages, and we provide prices upon consultation.


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