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3 Ways Organic Hair Color Products are Better for you

We’ve all heard organic is better, organic is healthier, and organic is the future. But why are people saying this? Here are three reasons why we chose to use organic, holistic, and toxin-free hair color products.  

Zero Toxins or Dangerous Ingredients

Beautiful hair should not compromise your health. What’s the point of having beautiful hair if your health is being affected? Organic hair color products are better for you because they do not contain chemicals or toxins that can harm you. One such chemical is ammonia, which is known for causing health conditions like headaches, chronic cough, and rashes when someone is repeatedly exposed to it over time.  

Organic and Sustainable

Organic products are better for you because they are made with the fewest and cleanest chemicals possible. The products we use have been proven to be better for your hair than their non-organic counterparts.  

Organic and sustainable products are important not just for your future health, but for the future health of our planet. At Salon Nirvana, we believe in providing beauty services that do not compromise on results or your health. NATULIQUE defined sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” and we couldn’t agree more with this statement. 

Gentle on Your Strands

Harsh chemicals are just that; they are harsh. The hair color products we use contain pure natural sunflower seed extract, jojoba oil, and apricot seed oil, which help provide extra conditioning and natural color with fewer chemicals.

And there you have it. Three reasons why organic hair color products are better for you and why you should switch to them. Here’s a little more information on the hair color line we use and why we use them. 

Which hair color product do we use?

We chose NATULIQUE because their vision and values are in line with what we believe in. Their products are all created with zero toxins or dangerous ingredients, so you can focus on looking fabulous and not worry about your health being compromised.  

You can read more about why we chose NATULIQUE here

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