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Hair masks and 3 reasons we love them!

You put masks on your face, so why not on your hair too? Hair masks do what shampoo and conditioner cannot. Just like you have a skincare routine to keep your face healthy and looking younger, you should incorporate hair masks into your routine as well.

Hair masks go in deeper than conditioner.

Hair masks are designed to go in deeper, much deeper than conditioner which keeps the ingredients of the mask in your hair longer to really target any hair related issue you want to get rid of.

Hair trouble? There’s a mask for that!

Hair masks are packed with ingredients to solve whatever problem you have – from dry, damaged, and frizzy hair to thin or flat, limp hair. There’s a mask out there for you. You can find masks that target very specific hair types like curly hair too!

They’re super easy to use.

Just make sure your hair is clean and apply your hair mask. Some masks work better on dry hair while others work best on wet hair. Applying the mask can take a minute or so then you just have to wait and let the mask work hard while you relax. Make sure to comb the mask through your hair and up to the tips. Since your tips are the most fragile part of your hair, you want to make sure to coat them thoroughly.


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