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Bangs Or No Bangs?

Can you pull off bangs? This is a very common worry that most women face when balancing the idea. The main worry is that once they get hairstyles with bangs and they don’t look good, they will be forced to have them for a few months. This is especially common for those who grow hair very slowly. However, on the other hand, there is the chance that incorporating bangs into a hairstyle adds the perfect touch. The estheticians at Salon Nirvana 954 are here to lay down some fact about bangs to help wing you in the right direction. Fort Lauderdale trusts us to provide the best advice when it comes to hair. We are deemed one of the best hair salons near me.


Tips To Consider For Bangs

  • Do you like getting trims?
    • Hair grows about a half an inch a month. With this, just a fraction of that amount can completely throw off how and where bangs fall.
  • Do you extra time to style your hair?
    • No more bedhead for you. The state of your bangs in the morning could be very disheveled. Whether you are giving them a fresh start with a shampoo and blow dry or working with second-day hair, bangs take styling priority.
  • You must consider your face shape.
    • A cool thing about bangs is they have the power to transform your face completely. No botox is necessary. If you have a longer face shape, avoid a blunt cut for a more softly shaped style or long side sweep to balance out your naturally angular jawline.
  • Work with your hair texture, not against it.
    • When you have finer hair, getting bangs can create instant volume. This is because the front section of hair appears thicker. However, go too far back to include ample strands, and the body of hair can get thinned out. For thick, even coarse or wavy hair, opt for a longer fringe that can easily be pushed to the side and having a little movement to hair actually works with the finish.
  • Don’t use a straightener.
    • Grabbing a scorching hot iron to smooth strands is for sure a fast fix. However, turning up the temperature day after day will fry strands. This is not a good look for bangs.
  • Get used to dry shampoo.
    • Oily hair is never a good choice. Sometimes just a little natural oil at the scalp can leave bangs looking wet and gross. This is why you must use dry shampoo, daily.
  • Do not leave bangs bare
    • You know that constant blow drying and styling can rip strands, so imagine the continuous assault that bangs are subjected to. Before going crazy with any hot tools, always use a heat protecting cream to shield strands.
  • Color is your friend.
    • Just how color can add depth and dimension to the body of hair, it can do the same for bangs. Color can make bangs much more beautiful and exciting.
  • Your style is perfect.
    • The best part about bangs despite being so high maintenance is the dramatic change that is not that dramatic. This simple change can make the most significant difference. You can trust the best salons near me.

We Feature The Best Hairstyles with Bangs

Our experts know exactly how hairstyles with bangs will look on you. If you are looking for the best organic hair products, we know just what you need. Salon Nirvana 954 is here for you, Fort Lauderdale. Call or contact us today for more information. We are the best hair salons near me.


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