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Love Your Curls!

Many women with curly hair oftentimes grow up feeling ashamed they have curly hair.  It’s time to love and embrace your curls!  It’s too common of an occurrence where a woman gets her hair straightened to achieve a specific look for an event or to change things up for a bit when she is hit with the comment “you should do that more often with your hair”.  Yes, in fact, straight hair may look great, but so does curly hair.  Curly hair when embraced is unique, beautiful, and can help you stand out.  Your curls can even act as an accessory to compliment your look wherever you may be.  

Not every hairstylist can actually cut or service curly hair.  In fact, not every hair salon has someone on staff that can work on curly hair.  This fact alone can make it difficult for women that have naturally curly hair to get their hair serviced.  This can add to curly hair shame, which occurs when someone with curly hair feels ashamed they have curly hair.  It’s common for curly hair women to receive comments about their hair that are not kind. 

We want you to know your curly hair is beautiful and a precious part of who you are as a person!  You need to know just like some people might make unkind comments about your hair, there are those that see your hair and are in awe by how beautiful it looks.  Coming from one curly-haired woman to another, I say they’re just jealous! 

Share the love!  Tell the next person you see with curls how beautiful they look 🙂 

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