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4 Busted Hair Care Myths to Disregard Now

We asked around and made a list of four common hair care myths and busted them. Next time you hear someone say any of the following myths tell them Salon Nirvana 954 busted it!

Ready? Here are four busted myths (and what you should actually do)

Myth #1 Dry shampoo or regular shampoo there’s no difference except one is wet.

Busted! While dry shampoo can leave you feeling with cleaner hair, it doesn’t actually clean or nourish your scalp. Dry shampoo simply absorbs excess oil while leaving you with a pleasant smell afterward. In no way is dry shampoo a replacement for regular shampoo. Massaging your scalp while shampooing stimulates your hair follicles which has long term benefits towards the health of your hair.

Myth #2 Plucking a gray hair will make two more come out

False! At any given time, regardless of hair color, only one hair strand grows per hair follicle. It’s simply the way hair works. Plucking a hair out will not cause that hair strand to multiply, not now and not ever. In fact, plucking a gray hair can actually damage the hair follicle. Instead of plucking consider color or cutting the hair strand. You can also embrace the gray! Nothing wrong with that 🙂

Myth #3 Washing your hair every day is bad for your hair

Nope. If you are using a proper shampoo that is gentle you can wash your hair every day. Some shampoos are designed to be used daily without harming your hair. These shampoos restore the moisture that is lost throughout the day so your hair can stay hydrated, clean, and healthy!

Myth #4 Avoid hair conditioner if you have greasy hair

Wrong! You should choose a hair conditioner for your hair type. There are hair conditioners that help control excess grease and oil. Conditioning your hair refortifies it to protect it. Not conditioning is definitely something we would not recommend for your hair!

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