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Must Do’s and Absolute Don’ts for Beautiful Wavy/Curly Hair


Gorgeous, healthy, wavy/curly hair does not happen by accident. In fact, wavy/curly hair has very different moisture needs, and great wavy/curly hair takes work! It all starts with understanding some of the basics like what products serve your hair and which ones don’t.  Making a few changes in your hair care routine and the products you are using can go a very long way.  So here is a quick list of products and ingredients that contribute to making and keeping your hair healthy as well as some that you should absolutely avoid. We also touch upon certain styling rules to follow to make sure you are treating your hair with the utmost love and respect 😉

Must Do’s for Wavy/Curly Hair:

Moisture plays a very important role in keeping your hair looking its best. Try to use products that contain humectants. Look for moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera, glycerin, and amino acids. At our salon, we have a variety of curly hair approved products that we love and trust.  During a free consultation, we analyze your type of curl and what your hair is lacking, and we prescribe the perfect product combination for your curly hair.

Find a cleansing conditioner to wash your hair. Washing your hair when you have wavy/curly hair is a very different process because you don’t want to wash out natural oils that are essential for the moisture of your hair. If you want to learn more about The Curly Girl Method for washing your hair, we have a step-by-step guide HERE.

Absolute Don’ts for Wavy/Curly Hair:

Say goodbye to your combs and brushes! Stay away from anything that messes with your natural curl pattern.  You want to detangle your hair in the shower with conditioner and use your fingers only. Once your hair is dry, don’t run your fingers through your hair to move it around because you will disrupt your curl pattern.  Instead, grab the section of your hair you want to move and scrunch it up.

Stay away from products that contain alcohol or artificial fragrance because they can dry out your hair and you definitely want to stay clear of sulfates and silicones. Choosing the right products to take care of your hair makes a big difference.  Curly/wavy hair needs moisture, so you want to stay away from products that strip the natural oils out of your hair or dry out your hair.

Oils are another category curly hair girls should stay away from.  While a lot of people use oils to make their hair shiny and think they are adding moisture to their hair, oils actually do the complete opposite. Oils repel water don’t allow your hair to absorb moisture.

If you have any questions regarding products, and how to take proper care of your hair you can always give us a call and set up a one on one with our curly hair specialist.  At our salon, you will find a large variety of products we love and trust and we are happy to help you find the right products for your hair.


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