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The next thing in hair straightening is Magic Sleek!


So many women love to straighten their hair, and they do so themselves, or they get a keratin treatment.  Studies have come out that advise against the use of Keratin because it does more damage than good.  With the keratin treatment, the molecules of the keratin cluster themselves to the natural hair protein fiber of the hair and when it washes out it pulls the natural fiber with it, leaving your hair more damaged. Thankfully, there is a healthier and better solution available now, MAGIC SLEEK is the next generation of hair straightening treatments.

What is Magic Sleek?

Magic Sleek is a new hair straightening treatment similar to Keratin, only better!  Magic Sleek lasts longer and is healthier because it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and is 100% formaldehyde free containing no methylene-glycol.  In short, Magic Sleek is the newest and best option out there to straighten your hair!

Is Magic Sleek safe?

This is a question we’re asked so often, and the answer is yes!  Magic sleek is 100% formaldehyde-free, and it doesn’t contain any methylene-glycol or any other harsh chemicals that can become harmful when heated.  Magic Sleek doesn’t have the negative health risks other hair straightening treatments have.

How long does Magic Sleek last?

Magic Sleek can last up to 6 months! Magic Sleek doesn’t wash out, so you can enjoy it for a long time. Every time the hair is washed, it will dry perfectly straight and frizz-free without applying heat or brushes.

Magic Sleek Versus Keratin

Magic Sleek is not an alternative to Keratin. Magic Sleek is a successor to Keratin.  Unlike Keratin, Magic Sleek isn’t simply another hair straightening treatment, it helps hydrate and nourish your hair, cuticles, and scalp with Argon Oil and amino acids. It also helps protect your hair color, adds softness, and shine to your hair, and it protects your hair from damage.


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