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How To Choose The Right Natural Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be a quick fit to add volume and length to your hair, which not many achieve by solely growing their hair. Choosing the right natural hair extensions can be tricky as there are so many brands to choose from. Take caution, though, since not all brands are of the right quality. When choosing a hair extension, it is important that you consider different factors such as your hair texture and lifestyle. Salon Nirvana 954 in Fort Lauderdale advise that hair extensions are not a one size fits all products. Remember, hair extensions are an investment – the better quality you get, the longer it lasts.


Choosing the Perfect Natural Hair Extensions


1. Always Choose Remy Human Hair

Hair extensions are available in various varieties of hair, including Remy, non-Remy, and synthetic. The best natural hair extension is made with 100% Remy human hair. This is the best quality of hair extension you can get on the market. Additionally, these hair extensions will look the most natural and will last longer than the rest.

2. Shopping Online Vs In-Store

Whenever you are shopping for your hair extensions, it is recommended that you do it in-store. Visit the organic hair salon physically and make decisions on which extensions to buy based on what you see, touch and feel. Buying from online stores may sometimes be inevitable. In this case, make sure that you pay close attention to the quality of the store’s website. Read carefully about the product you want to shop before placing the orders.

3. Clip-In Vs Tape-In Natural Hair Extension

A natural hair extension is meant to last long. With that being said, it is important to get yourself the latest hair extensions on the market, which are the tape-in hair extensions. These get “taped-in” between your hair in a “sandwich” like fashion. It is not uncommon to find your organic hair salon offering these extensions lately. On the other hand, a clip-in natural hair extension offers a quick DIY hair extension system and are perfect for those who are not seeking a long -term bond with their hair extensions. Among the two, your choice will be determined by your lifestyle and how long you want to keep your natural hair extension.

4. Choose A Perfect Color Match

For the best natural hair extension, choose one that matches your hair color. For hair that isn’t one-dimensional, an organic hair salon may recommend a natural hair extension that is multi-blended and even have bright colors. After all, a perfect color match means that your hair extension blends seamlessly with natural hair for a natural look.

5. Hair Texture

This is an important factor that should determine the choice of your natural hair extension. For each hair texture, there is a suitable natural hair extension. Chinese hair extensions are perfect for medium density hair while European hair has a finer texture. Choosing an extension with a texture that doesn’t match your hair, then the extensions fail to blend with your hair.

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