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Each year, huge advances are made in health and beauty; so much so that the options are seemingly endless. The use of all natural, organic, and vegan products in every area of health and beauty has become more popular in recent years. When looking for top hair salons near me, the option for vegan hair products is hugely significant, that is why Salon Nirvana 954 is a trusted salon in the Fort Lauderdale area. Their range of services includes: cut, color, bridal styling, manicures, and pedicures; they even offer hair treatments and barber services for men. Their wide range of unisex services and their pledge to only use natural and vegan products puts them a step ahead of the rest.

Why is Veganism Important?

When many people think of veganism, they think mostly of food options. Veganism, however, is more than about the food it is a lifestyle. It is about eliminating animal-based or tested products in all parts of life. Offering vegan options can make any relevantly affected company more favored for being inclusive. It could be anything from grocery stores to restaurants or clothing stores and top salons near me- their vegan options tend to be the healthier options.

What are the Benefits of Vegan Hair Products?

There are many advantages of a vegan lifestyle, most popular among these is the fact that overall a vegan lifestyle tends to be a healthier one. This is the same when using certified vegan or organic hair products. Many of the advances made in the health and beauty market are found because of advances in science, many of those advances lead to chemical use. These products work great, but after a while, the chemicals could cause more harm than good; to your body and to the environment. This is especially true when it comes to hair products. If hair products are created organically, they still work the same but will not damage your hair as much as products with tons of chemicals can. One thing to remember, however, is that a product can be all-natural without being organic, and organic without being considered vegan. It all depends on the environment the products are created in. If no animal by-products were used and the products were not tested on animals, it can be certified as vegan. One of the most trusted brands of hair products that are approved vegan is the NATULIQUE brand. Their products work as well as the others without the adverse long-term effects. Their certification with The Vegan Society is very important to their reputation to maintain; so much so that the society subjects NATULIQUE and their other brand members to yearly tests to ensure their standing is accurate and up to date.  

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Finding hair products that are vegan and organic is hard enough. Finding these products in top salons near me is even more difficult. Call or visit Salon Nirvana 954 in Fort Lauderdale for more information on their services. Don’t forget to ask about their certified vegan hair products provided by NATULIQUE.


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