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Ways to keep humidity from ruining your hair

Ways to keep humidity from ruining your hair

It’s summertime in Florida, and we know that’s when humidity is at an all-time high which makes our hair get a mind of its own. While there is nothing wrong with a little seasonal frizz, here are a few things you can do to keep humidity from ruining your hair this season!

Fight Moisture with MOISTure!

As humidity rises, so does your hair! Keeping your hair moisturized and healthy is a game changer! Dry hair gives frizz more of an opportunity to come out. We know it’s hot out there, and you might feel your hair gets dirty faster, but be mindful not to over-wash your hair to avoid dryness. The right products combined with your hair’s natural oils are key to keep your hair moisturized and healthy, even in high-humidity conditions! 

Wash Your Hair with Cold Water

Water temperature is critical. Hot water can really dry out your hair. Washing your hair with cold water helps close your cuticle after each wash which will significantly help with frizz. Cold water also ensures your scalp will stay clean longer because it shrinks your pores. Sure, a cold shower doesn’t always sound nice, but in this heat, why not!?

Use a Hair Turban!

Instead of using thick towels that can cause and create static for your hair, try using a hair turban instead! The AQUIS Original Lisse Hair Turban is our favorite one. This turban will wick water away 50% faster than a regular towel, gently drying your hair without the damage caused by bath towels or harmful heat from blow dryers. 

Embrace Your Natural Texture…or not! 

Embracing your natural texture and using a good anti-frizz product can work wonders! Sometimes it’s good to let your hair down and let it do its thing every once in a while 😉 Now, if you feel frizzy hair is going to drive you insane, there are MAGIC treatments (pun intended) you can try to enjoy silky, frizz-free hair no matter what! 

Indeed, summer is an exciting time, but you can make it more exciting without worrying about your hair being frizzy all the time! Have you tried any of these techniques? Want to learn more about our smoothing treatments? You can give us a call anytime or come in for a free, no-obligation consultation so we can talk about your hair and ways we can help you achieve your hair goals! 

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