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Organic Hair Color: 5 Things You Should Know

Are you making a wise decision and using organic dye to change your hair color? If so, your hair will thank you immensely in the long run. Avoiding the harsh chemicals in typically boxed hair dye leaves your hair rejuvenated and full of nutrients. This is exactly why most people turn to organic hair color. At Salon Nirvana 954, our experts want to inform you of some things you should know when it comes to this better option. We work with only natural hair products, Fort Lauderdale. This is why we are one of the top hair salons near me.


Take It From The Professionals

In the professional beauty industry, the term “organic hair color” refers to hair color made with organic botanicals and fewer chemicals. Organic, in this sense, is the same definition we use for our organic food standards, which is botanicals grown without the use of pesticides.

When most people refer to “organic hair color” they are referring to professional organic hair color brands formulated with the least amount of synthetic chemicals and the maximum amount of organic botanical ingredients.

While beauty professionals know the chemistry of hair color and how it works, many consumers do not. We hope this article sheds a little more light on the term “organic hair color” and how it came to be.


Things To Know About Natural Hair Products

  • Does it work?
    • Of course! Keep in mind that no professional organic hair color brand is 100% natural. Any organic hair color product will contain a certain amount of chemicals necessary to perform. When searching for an organic hair color company what you need to ask about is percentages.
    • Specifically, what is their percentage of:
      • Pigments (PPDs, PTDS, etc.)
      • pH Adjuster (Ethanolamine, etc.)
      • Organic Ingredients (meaning botanicals only)!
      • Natural Ingredients
      • Naturally Derived Ingredients
    • Once you have determined the percentages of these components, you will be able to decide better which brand is the most “organic.”


  • What about ammonia?
    • Ammonia is a chemical organic compound, not an organic botanical ingredient. Because of this, it is not used in formulas.
    • In chemistry terms, an organic compound means one thing: its molecules contain carbon. That’s it. It doesn’t speak to the safety or natural aspects of the ingredient.
    • Ammonia is one of the most widely produced chemicals in the world. Ammonia found in hair color is not extracted from the soil or our bodies, it’s produced in a lab and has zero natural components.
    • As a gaseous substance, it has been proven to cause respiratory issues, breathing challenges and allergies. Plus, most clients will agree: not having to smell ammonia is a much more pleasant experience.
  • Is professional ammonia free hair color safe?
    • If you choose to use an ammonia-free hair color this does not ensure your hair will be healthier or that you will not have an adverse reaction. While most ammonia-free hair colors will not have the fume-like aroma of ammoniated hair color, they can still do more damage than necessary to the hair.

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