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Tips to Grow Out Your Hair Fast!

Grow out Your hair

We’ve all done it. You decided to chop off your hair for a stylish short look for a change, then you want long hair again, then you feel like going short again, and the cycle goes on. You love change and that’s totally okay! Because we see this so often, we put together a quick list of tips to help you grow out your hair fast, and most importantly, healthy! 

1. Don’t skip trims:

If you ever heard that getting trims will make your hair grow faster, we are here to tell you, that is simply not true. However, getting trims regularly will make your hair grow stronger and stronger after each trim. Split ends and weak ends can make the bottom of your hair appear very thin, but if you get trims regularly, then your hair will grow healthy and strong. We recommend getting a trim every 8 weeks. And the best thing to do is get a wellness care cut that is done with hot scissors to seal the ends and prevent splitting. 

2. Take your vitamins: 

Hair vitamins really do work. Biotin, B12, and zinc are essential for growing out healthy and strong hair. Taking vitamins daily guarantees you give your body what it needs every day no matter how busy you get. Even though you can get vitamins and nutrients from your diet, when we are busy, it’s harder to keep track and make sure we are getting the number of nutrients we need every day. One of our favorites that we carry is the Collagen with Biotin and vitamin C.

3. Use hair masks 

Lots of people take the time to do a face mask once a week and take care of their skin daily. Why not do the same for your hair? Hair masks not only moisturize your hair but also help strengthen it so it can grow long and healthy. We recommend you use a hair mask once a week or at least every 3 shampoos. Not all hair masks are created equal, so we suggest you visit our masks and treatments page where you can find all our favorite masks for different needs, hair textures, and more. 

Follow these tips and you will see that your hair will not only grow fast, but it will also grow healthy and stronger. If you have any questions, you can always schedule a consultation at our salon where we can put together a prescribed hair care treatment for your hair goals. 

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