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How to Keep Your Blonde Bright!

Bright Blonde
This one is for all of our blonde ladies! When you leave the salon with fresh blonde hair, your blonde is radiant . Your hair is full of life, bright and vibrant, and your blonde has never been so perfect.

We want to share a few thing you can do at home to make sure your blonde stays as bright as possible until it’s time to see your hairdresser again:

1. Wash Your Hair Less:

When you have color treated hair, dry shampoo is your best friend. Washing your hair very often is what essentially causes your hair color to fade over time. PRO TIP: Use a little bit of dry shampoo before going to bed so it can absorb the oils overnight. You’re welcome, you’ll now wake up to beautiful, sexy hair every morning.

2. Use a Blonde Formula:

We carry a few different brands here at the salon, it all depends on what your hair needs. Color-safe shampoo and conditioner are a must! They really help stop brassiness in its tracks and will keep your blonde hair light and bright longer. One of our favorites is the “Bust Your Brass” line from Amika, you can find it HERE.

3. A Cool Rinse:

This is not just for blondes, truly anyone can benefit from this trick. When you wash your hair, end the wash with a cool rinse. The cool water helps close your hair cuticles and will promote shine! Brrrr be brrrave and just do it, you won’t regret it.

4. In between your next color visit, pop in the salon and treat yourself to a demineralizing treatment.

This has two benefits, for starters, the yellow cast can be removed without bleach and your hair is already going to be prepared for your next lightening service.

Follow these simple tips and trust us when we say you will be rocking your bright blonde hair much longer! If you need any help choosing the right blonde hair products, give us a call or visit our salon. We are happy to help you choose the right brand and ideal cleansing and styling products for your hair. Do you know any other tricks you want to share with our blonde ladies? Let us know on our Instagram

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