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Popular Bridal Hairstyles for 2019

Wedding trends seem to come and go so quickly it can be hard for a bride to figure out what is going to be in style when her big day rolls around. Luckily, there are experts to rely on known as a wedding hairstylist. The first place you should go to is a salon to get advice on what you should do with your hair based on the time, date, and location of your wedding. With their extensive knowledge, they can help better narrow down your choices. Also, sharing information about the theme and your dress could help them assist you even better. If you’re in the Fort Lauderdale area you don’t have to worry about searching “top hair salons near me” because the place you should go is Salon Nirvana 954, this full-service salon can offer you a team of experts to answer all your questions.


Hairstyles A Wedding Hairstylist Suggests

Hairstyles will always change depending on where and when you’re getting married. Some styles are best suited for an outdoor summer wedding and others that should be reserved for an indoor winter wonderland, but when there are top trends throughout a year, you will always see variations of the hairstyles done in every season.

  • Wedding Flowers

Whether your hair is curled, straight, up or down having flowers placed in it is a massive trend for 2019. The flowers were seen in a number of arrangements; some were delicately positioned in a circle like a halo while other times they’ve been scattered throughout an up-do. No matter which way you put them this style is bound to be breathtaking.

  • Braids

If you’re more of an edgy bride, this may be the best look for you! Braids provide a pretty swept-back style that allows the bride to have less hair in her face and more time enjoying the party. This dramatic hairstyle definitely takes a strong personality to pull off. There are also different styles within this style like bohemian, classic, and relaxed. All the subcategories of braids allow you to have a choice about what exactly you want your braid and statement to say on your big day.

  • Sleek

If you’re a bride who is more into the simple things in life and doesn’t really enjoy getting all dolled up this style could be perfect for you. No-fuss brides prefer a more controlled style so having straight, sleek, and slicked back hair allows them to concentrate on other aspects of their wedding and look. For this hairstyle, you need a good quality hairspray since that’s what will keep your hair in place.

  • Wedding Pony

Ponytails have historically been reserved for dirty, messy hair. However, the wedding pony is here to change all of that. Wearing a volumized and textured ponytail on your big day could be a great way to show your style while also practically keeping your hair out of your face.

  • Undone Look

There are a lot of brides (and grooms) who want to look more natural on their wedding day then dressed up. We’ve heard people say I want to feel like the real me the day I get married, which is excellent! Choosing a more natural “undone” look for your wedding day gives you the freedom to switch up your hairstyle throughout the whole day and turn it into something new. Also, just because you want to have that type of look doesn’t mean your hair has to be kept down. You can achieve a natural “undone” style while still putting it up.

If you’re still unsure about what is the right look for your big day try looking for “top hair salons near me” to speak with a hairstylist that can guide you.


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