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Choosing The Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

If you’ve been thinking of changing up your hair color, it could be a big decision, especially if you’ve never dyed your hair before. Even if you have, there’s probably been times when you’ve looked back at pictures and thought “what was I thinking?!” This is why it’s always a good idea to go to a stylist to run what you’re thinking by them and get their opinion on your ideas. Luckily, if you’re in the Fort Lauderdale area, you have access to the best hair stylist in Fort Lauderdale at Salon Nirvana. This full-service salon is here to help you with making the best decision for your new do.


The Right Color For The Right Skin Tone According To The Best Hair Stylist in Fort Lauderdale

One thing that should definitely be considered when you’re looking to change up your hair color is your skin tone. Unfortunately, not every color works with every skin tone no matter how much we wish it did. There are absolutely some colors that work well with some tones, and others that clash and wash out skin tones. It’s important to listen to a hair stylists opinions about this topic because they know and understand all the logistics that go behind the coloring of hair. In order to have a basic understanding of what your hair stylist is talking about when they’re explaining colors, it’s important for you to have general knowledge of what cool tones and warms tones look like and an understanding of your skin tone.

  • Look out for specific colors in your skin: Cool toned skin has different shades of pink and olive undertones. On the other hand, warmer skin tones will display traces of yellow and gold. There are also some people who have a tone that is a combination of both making them a neutral skin tone.


  • Find a celeb look alike: Every woman that wants to change her hair color has looked through images of celebrities to find inspiration for their new look. While you’re looking for a new color consider trying to find a celebrity with a similar skin tone as you. That way you can get a better visual of what you will look like with that same colored hair.


  • Look at your wrist: Your wrist has a thin layer of skin, which makes it easy to see the coloring of your skin tone as well as your veins. If your veins appear blue or purple you’re likely cool-toned, but if they seem to have a green color to them than you are warm-toned


  • It’s all in the eyes: You can also stare in a mirror at your eyes to learn if you’re warm or cool toned. If you notice a lot of gold specks in your eyes than your undertones are most likely warm, but if you have a lot of blues and greens than your undertones are cool.

The general rule of thumb for picking your new hair color is to choose a tone that is the opposite of your skin tone. So if you have warmer undertones in your skin, you want to pick a hair color that is a cooler color, but if you have cooler undertones, you want to select a warmer color for your hair. Although every case is different and really takes the guidance of an expert this is a good guideline to remember and follow when you’re looking for new colors. Now if you were one of those lucky ones that had a combination of both warm and cool tones than your luck continues because any hair color will work on your neutral tone.


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