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What you need to know before buying hair extensions

What you need to know before buying hair extensions

Salon Nirvana 954 specializes in 100% human hair extensions.  Learn more by visiting our services page.  

We suggest to start with a consultation.

There is a method for every need. We have four different types of hair extensions (hand tied sew-in extensions, fusion extensions and tape-in extensions), all with a different set of benefits, durability, and installation.  Some extensions methods are user-friendly, meaning you can install and remove them yourself, while others require a trained stylist to instal and remove them for you.  With extensions you have the advantage to change your color and style as often as you want. Consider what your lifestyle is before choosing a hair extension type.  This is where a consultation comes in.  For example, if you surf, go to the sauna, or do hot yoga frequently, then tape-in extensions may not be the right choice for you.  During your consultation, a hair extension specialist will assess your lifestyle to determine your unique hair extension needs and match you with the perfect type. 

Consider your lifestyle

Hair extensions are amazing because you can choose whatever options you want.  You can choose hair extensions to elevate your look or to make a statement.  Choose from various lengths, colors, and textures.  Add style or elegance and be as expressive with your hair extensions as you want.  Your extensions should feel as natural as your own hair.  They are an extension of you.  When considering your lifestyle, ask yourself what your days consist of.  Are you active, or do you stay indoors throughout the day?  Are you a frequent traveler?  There is a hair extension option for every lifestyle.  

Don’t skip out on maintenance.

Extensions are a commitment of maintenance.  All hair extensions require proper maintenance to extend their wearability and release the tension on the hair.  The hair has a life span depending on how you take care of it. Proper care of extensions can be reused for up to one year. We encourage you to purchase and use the right products for your extensions.  Even though the extensions are human hair they are not getting the nutrients that your own hair gets that means it needs to be nourished with proper products.  On that note, using the wrong products and excessive heat can jeopardize the quality of the hair.  Though there are ways to revive tiered hair extensions but taking care of them from the beginning is vital for their longevity.

The hair extension team at Salon Nirvana 954 is highly-trained and handpicked to meet the rigorous standards. Their expertise will help identify the perfect hair extension option for you. Combining color, texture, and length to achieve your desired look. If you or someone you know is in the market for luxurious hair extensions made from the highest quality human hair, then you want the experts selecting and installing them for you.  You want Salon Nirvana 954. 

Experience it, fall in love.  

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