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Extend the life of your sew-in hair extensions

What girl doesn’t want gorgeous hair in minutes? Now, what if a few minutes today could give you gorgeous hair for two months or more? That’s precisely what sew-in hair extensions do! A little time today goes a long way towards saving you a ton of time later on. Plus you’ll look and feel like a million bucks.

Quality hair extensions (like the ones we use at Salon Nirvana 954) are made from real human hair, which means they’ll look, feel, move and be styled as if they were your own hair. Just like your real hair, you need to keep your hair extensions properly maintained, so they last longer and look great the entire time you’re wearing them.

The number one tip we always tell people regarding hair extension maintenance is always use the right products. Just like overusing chemicals can dry out your real hair, the same is true for hair extensions. The difference is since hair extensions are not being supplied nutrients from your scalp, you need to do what you can to keep them looking healthy for as long as possible, and that begins with the products you use.

Here are four products we recommend for maintaining your hair extensions.

Product 1
From our organic line moisturizing conditioner
Product 2
From our organic line moisturizing shampoo
Product 3
From our organic line moisturizing de-tangler
Product 4
Dry conditioner

If you have any questions regarding these products or if you’re using something else and want to know what we think about it, let us know!


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