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Wedding Hairstyle Tips

Prepping for the big day? Yay! Your wedding day is all about you, and we have a few, simple tips to make you look even more glamorous than you thought possible.

Here are a few wedding day hair tips to keep you looking fabulous!

Do not wash your hair on the day of your wedding!

It’s not gross. In fact by washing your hair the day of your wedding you are making it too soft to keep the hairstyle in place. Washing your hair the night before is recommended.

Do everything with enough time, including getting your hair done. Do not rush your hairstylist.

You don’t want to have every second accounted for. Give yourself time to fix any mishaps that can come up. This also empowers you to be in control, so when the time comes to say “I do” you look gorgeous and not stressed. The same thing goes with your hairstylist. Don’t rush them. Give them time to style your hair so you can walk away knowing with 100% confidence your hairstyle won’t be undone. Nothing is worse for your hairstyle than out of place strands!

Plan for touch-ups.

Take extra products to touch-up any mishaps that can happen or for the reception.

Last-minute haircuts and color changes are usually not a good idea.

Have a plan beforehand in regards to your hair, because the last thing you want is to have wedding day pictures you’ll be looking at for decades that you’re not happy with. This is your day. Do not leave everything for the last minute. Book an appointment with your hairstylist and show them examples of the style you want. With enough time you can totally try each style out and see what they look like!

Have a second look for the reception

When it’s time for the reception, you can show up with an entirely new look! Most brides change their dress for the reception, so why not do the same for your hairstyle?

A trial run is always a must

You have this image of what you’re going to look like once your hair is done and your veil is on. A trial run puts it all out there so you can see it live and in person! Also, please don’t forget to consider your veil! See what’s involved with putting on and taking it off. Make sure to know exactly what your hair looks like with it on and how to properly take it off.


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