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Why do I need a hair consultation?

Why do I need a hair consultation

A hair consultation is an important part of any hair care service, especially when it comes to deciding on a new hairstyle or color change, and should be done before you begin any type of hair service. 

During a hair consultation a stylist can analyze your hair type, its color, and texture.

You get to tell them what your hair goals are, the style you want, then they can recommend what they think is best for you and your hair and together you come up with a perfect look.  

What are we looking at?

As a hair salon, we see many guests with compromised hair and we do our best to work around that utilizing the knowledge and the latest technology to salvage the hair and make it look healthier. 

So what does a hair consultation at Salon Nirvana 954 look like? 

We hope you like a relaxing time because we will literally pamper you—Walk-in to your appointment to experience our hospitality at its best.  

Choosing a haircut and style that suits your facial features and life style.

Picking a haircut or hairstyle can be challenging, especially if you are switching things up and going for a new look.  We’ll guide you and show you some styles that work best for you.

How about hair color that compliments your skin tone. 

Changing your hair color?  This is an exciting experience.  Many people are often nervous before a hair color appointment – you don’t have to be worried or anxious with us.  You are in good hands.  We will go over your hair color goals and help you choose a color that compliments your skin tone and your personal style.

Looking for hair extensions?

Hair extensions come in different types, colors and textures.So how do you know which ones for you? During your hair extension consultation, we’ll discuss your day-to-day activities and your hair needs and wants to determine which extension is right for you. 

Are you looking for a hair treatment? 

There are many treatments to choose form. Having a conversation with you hair stylist and expressing your hair concerns they can easily choose a treatment to transform your hair to the state you desire.

Our salon offers premium treatments like Olaplex, Magic Sleek, Proaddicition and B3. We also have our custom blend treatments we create uniquely for you to address your individual hair needs.  

A hair consultation is the best way for you to communicate with your hairstylist and is the most important role that you will play at the salon.

Be prepared for a successful consultation, bring pictures of your desired look and how much time you spend styling your hair. Information about your hair’s history such as colors done and other chemicals used that could affect the outcome of the finished results and your hair’s condition. Also please share any past bad hairstyling experiences.

In return you should be openminded and listen to your hairstylist’s advice. Ask any questions that you may have about home maintenance, styling requirements and any hair condition concerns.

Providing this information is very important and will affect the outcome. It really helps to get you both on the same page and help your stylist to know exactly what steps to take to achieve the look you are going for.

It may seem like a lot before you get started but a consultation takes about 10 to 15 minutes. A good hair salons will request and allow time for a hair consultation.

Results matter.  You deserve the look and style you want.

You can count on us to be here for you.  

To schedule a hair consultation, you can reach us by phone at (954) 533-0389 or via our website here. 

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